Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New members! And a bit of the story.

Thank you Wendy and Tisho Jessop for signing up to become a member. We have an official 3 members not including me. :) Now for the story!

I took a deep breath and stood up. I called to Destiny to pick me up. She came quickly and silently but she soon sensed how tense I was. What’s wrong? What did the tree say?
Destiny asked. I opened my mind and shared my memory with her. While she taking
in the knowledge I got off her back and went to the boy who at the moment was
simply messing sitting on the shore and dab his finger into the water as if he
was bored. I directed the water by his finger to recede from him. It did and
the boy sat there shocked. Then he noticed me standing there.
He stared at me
timidly and then after a minute of silence he looked back at the water that had
receded a foot away. “Don’t play or use with nature without a good purpose.” I
said and he looked at me again confused. I flicked my hand at the water and it
went back to its original place. Then I crouched next to the puzzled boy and touched
my hand to the cool lake water and willed it into the shape of a small cup.
Then I willed the some water into the cup. I motioned for the boy to open his
mouth and he slowly obeyed. I poured the water into his mouth slowly. I would
have handed the cup to him if it hadn’t been made of water. It would have
turned back to normal water as soon as it touched his pale skin. He swallowed
and watched as I placed the mater cup back into the lake causing it to return
to its original form. I wiped my hands off and repeated my earlier sentence, “Don’t
play or use with nature without a good purpose.” I walked to the bags and
pulled out a big woven straw mat rolled up. I rolled it out on the ground and
spoke. “Lie on there so I may treat your wounds.” He grimaced as he remembered
the pain. Then he gasped as the pain suddenly gripped him like a cold claw. I
gasped myself. Somehow his emotions were rolling off of him like steam from a
boiling pot and I could feel it, sense it, I could read his mind in that brief
flash of a second. I didn’t understand, I hadn’t reached out just then to read
his complicated thoughts. Two seconds later the gripping pain came back, this
time tearing and ripping at both of us with claws as sharp as an eagle’s and as
cold as ice. Then I could feel the anger, the anger that was as hot as a dessert
sun. I didn’t know whose anger this was but I wanted this raging, harsh thing
out. I whispered the first spell that came to my terrified mind.
The fire backed away
the moment the spell left my lips. It hissed out as if I had thrown water on
it. That was actually what I had done. I hadn’t thrown actual water on it but
something similar to that.
I felt the boy’s
relief inside of me once again. The magic inside me stirred and there came a
voice inside of me. That was him my girl,
beware. I recognized the voice of the willow who had given me precious
magic. Sarah I felt it too and I heard
the willow’s voice. I think the boy heard the willow’s voice too. You should go
and explain.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Story updated

Story is updated again today! I just typed it up hope you like it!


I just fixed the times on the posts just so you know. I hope you understand now that I'm not posting things at 5:00 in the morning like some of them said. It turned out I had it set as the Pacific time zone rather then the eastern time zone. So I fixed that and now all the post times should be good for you guys.


This quote is supposed to say I've got issues that no one can see and all these emotions are pouring out of me. The picture got cut off a bit. I feel like that a lot some days. It doesn't include the fact thatI can't hear as well as everbody elsebecause people can see that. But there are other issues that make me feel like that, emotional issues.
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Saturday, November 5, 2011


As you can tell the storyis updated. All right, I want to say thank you to those who have stayed with me all this time no matter what happened. Please go out there and tell more people about this blog! It would be awsome if more people read this. Please comment on this blog too. I haven't gotten a single comment so far.