Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comments are fixed.

You can now comment on the stories so feel free to. Thank you. I will post later today or tommorow hopefully another part of the story we are currently working on. It will be a long part so be ready. Also Quote of the day. If you can't read it it says "Every day is a new bggining. Take a deep breath and Start again."

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New bit of story

It did look like he needed some explaining from me. He was
doubled over on the ground in shock. He breathed hard and his eyes open wide. I
felt bad for him just looking at his raggedy clothes and the mixture of pain
and shock displayed on his freckled face. “You okay?” I asked softly.
“Is it me or did I just feel and hear
that stuff?” He asked. “I don’t know what did you feel and hear?” I said. He
ignored my question and just lay on the mat that I had set up earlier. I was
angry he hadn’t told me what happened with him but I decided to back off. He’ll
tell me sometime. I thought. In the meantime I might as well heal him. I went
off into the forest and gathered what herbs that would help him. When I had
gathered all of the best herbs from the forest I returned to the camp and found
the boy asleep on the mat. I smiled and put an extra blanket over him. I said a
quick spell that would ease his pain while he slept. I went inside my tent and
quickly fell asleep with my eyelids weighing a ton each. I used the last bit of
energy left in me to pull my bear fur blanket over me. I was woken as quickly
as I had fallen asleep by an ear-splitting scream. My body jerked up and
automatically found my sword beside me. I launched myself out of the tent and
looked around. I could not see anything because the fire had gone out. I called
upon the slightly burning embers and demanded for a fire. Fire shot up from the
pit of embers and I could see every detail of the shore. There the boy was
lying on the ground twitching and screaming. I looked around and saw nothing. I
crouched down next to the boy and grasped him arm. The second I touched his
skin I was plunged into his mind. A fire raged and scorched his mind. “Give me
the girl, boy. I know your thoughts of her but they are not true. I know you
think she’s cute but she’s a monster. Bring her to me and this fire will end.
Tell no one of my speaking to you. Trust me boy I know the truth about this
girl. Bring her to me…” A voice harsh and coarse spoke to him. I said the spell
of water that I had used for the earlier attack. Whoever had attacked him raged
at me but left quickly. The boy woke up from his vision and attacked me with
his fists. He managed to get me under him and continued fighting me for what
reason, I didn’t know. Destiny arose to swipe him off of me with her claw but I
pushed her back with my mind. I warmed the air around us doing the same thing
to the boy that I had done to the stag. His punches soon slowed and he
collapsed on top of me. I pushed him gently off. Then I carried him in my arms
and put him in my bed inside the tent.