Friday, July 27, 2012

New story bit

Here's some story to read. Hope you like it!

Destiny, have you seen any ponds while you were hunting? I asked when Destiny flew back into mysight as she was coming back from her hunting trip.
Yes, there’s one 5 yards away from you, Sarah. Destiny said with a hint of amusement in her voice. I could almost hear her eye roll.
Oh shush, Destiny .This brush is so thick it took me a long time to find a big enough area for a camp and I can barely see three feet outside the ring of bushes. I snapped slightly. I could hear Destiny do another eye roll as she drew close to the ground. I just sighed to myself and got up and drew my sword from my scabbard. I asked Destiny which direction the pond she had mentioned was and then started off in that direction. I slashed down vines and overgrown branches left and right at every step until I stepped into some soggy mud and realized that I was right on the edge of the pond. I cast out my baited fishing line into the middle of the small 6 ft. by 7 ft. pond. It didn’t take much time in order to catch 2 Terid fish. They were small, about the size of a salad dish, but I was sure their meat would be great and filling. Derek would have the bigger one so that if I lost the bet, which I doubted, Destiny would only get the small fish. I was hoping I would win the bet because winning the bet would mean I would win a nice fat doe that Destiny
had caught. The doe was her first catch and her second catch was a stag. I was glad she had caught a stag as well because I needed the antlers to create a knife for Derek. The tip of an antler if sharpened could last a long time, less than a stone one but I have not been able to find a good stone for a knife. I trusted Derek not to a knife against me but to be extra careful I placed a spell that protected me from Derek in case he ever turned against me, which I didn’t think he would unless he learned enough skills from me on how to survive in the wild. I would not give him every survival skill that I knew unless I was sure that I could trust him with everything I had.
I felt twigs snap underneath my feet and felt splinters of wood insert themselves underneath my feet. It felt like hot needles pricking my feet. I growled in frustration and stabbed the ground with the tip of my yew wood fishing pole. This was getting to be too much for my feet, I needed shoes that actually protected my feet. The shoes that I wore now were thin and were only a few layers of soft but sturdy tree bark and the straps were made of deer hide. Splinters often slipped through the sandal’s cracks and got into my sensitive feet causing me pain every time I put pressure on it. It also caused me to use magic and push the splinters out from underneath my skin.
I vowed to save up things to sell at a market and use the money to pay for good shoes
at a market. I already had a few extra furs that I could sell for a few fraters and one grit. Good shoes would cost a slyon and a grit.
When I returned back to the camp I dropped the fishes onto a big leaf. The noise woke
Derek up and when he saw the fish his face twisted into a confused look.
“That isn’t jellyfish.” He grumbled underneath his breath.
“I know it’s not jellyfish, but this type of fish tastes the same as jellyfish.” I snapped. Derek was taken back with my tone but a smile crept onto his face before long.
“Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” He joked and chuckled to himself. Then I threw him the don’t joke with me now look and his laughing ceased.
“What’s wrong with you?” He asked.
“Stupid splinters in my feet. I waste too much magic pushing them out.” I mumbled.
“I know a salve that can help; I used it all the time back at home.” Derek offered.
“If you make it then I’ll be forever in you debt.” I said.
“Alright, I’ll make it.” Derek said. I responded by just nodding my head and Derek headed out into the woods, gathered some plants and came back. He mashed the plants, mixed them up and just added water. The end product was messy green goo that smelled like radishes. He held out the canister in which the salve was in. I took the canister and shook off my sandals. I turned my foot so the bottom was exposed to me. I dipped my fingers into the salve and rubbed the slime onto my splintered areas. I felt immediate relief as the slimy paste numbed the pain in my feet. After a while the salve dissolved enough that I could put on my sandals and start cooking the fish on a stick over the fire Derek had started. Before I put the fish over the fire I took off their scales and stuffed them in my pack. Many women would like to wear these scales as necklaces, making the scales value increase. I could sell the scales to a jeweler and get a couple fraters. The meat sizzled as the fire licked it and cooked it. I felt my mouth water at the sight of the meat cooking.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Here's a poem hope you like it.

My story has not been going well lately so I decided to share a poem instead.These words jut came to me one day so I wrote them down and they became a poem.

Lost in a tornado of motion

Caught in a tsunami of feelings

Confused in a hurricane of wind

Buried in an avalanche of broken promises

Burned in a wild fire of hate

Frozen in a blizzard of no hope

Shattered in an earthquake of heartbreaks

Consumed in a flood of tears

Parched in a drought of no love

Destroyed in a sandstorm with nothing

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sorry, new update

Sorry about being late in updating. I got caught up with life and all. When I did finally log in to this blog, my format had been changed. I couldn't understand the new format at all so I had to take a lot of time to figure out how to switch back to the old format. Apparantly the old format will be deleted in a few months so then I would have to stick to the new format when this one is deleted. I'll try to enjoy this old format as much as I can by posting often. Anyway, quote and story bit.

I woke up to feeling Destiny rubbing her rough snout onto my arm. I must have fallen asleep on my rock. We got to get going, Sarah.
Just let me eat some breakfast and wake up. I grumbled.
Alright. But I warn you Derek is pushy this morning. Destiny said.
Okay. I thought and got up off the sandy shore.
My back felt sore and stiff so I pressed my hands on my back and cracked it. I twisted my torso a bit and bent to stretch myself. When I felt stretched enough I walked over to the campfire where Derek was cooking some rabbit over the fire. His lips were pressed tight and he seemed agitated. I started to make a salad to eat but Derek grunted. I rolled my eyes and continued gathering edible leaves. Then I split the salad between Derek and me. Then I placed a leg of the rabbit on both of our plates. I ate the green salad diligently and consumed the rabbit leg like a drumstick.
It was good with a little salt on it that we had found alongside the lake. The salad wasn’t too great but I ate it for the health. I felt strong after finishing. When Derek finished eating as well, I washed our plates in the lake water and then placed them in one of the bags. I made sure Red fury had a good breakfast and a fair amount of water before I placed the bags onto his back. Then I found the leather saddle among some brush and strapped it onto Destiny’s back. I stepped up onto Destiny’s bent leg and hoisted myself onto the saddle. Derek climbed up after me quickly and eagerly. He seemed impatient to get going. I guessed that showing him the image of his future dragon had made him desperate to arrive at the Shadow’s castle. I smiled and shook my head. He was being so ridiculous right now.
“Alright, let’s take off.” I said to Destiny.
She nodded and stretched out her wings getting ready to take off. She turned around facing the lake and took off running and then leaped into the air flapping her wings. She faltered for a second because of the lack of wind, but I willed a warm draft to come up underneath her and carry her up until we were higher than the tree line where all the wind was. There I released the warm draft spell slowly so as to make sure Destiny had time to shape the wind underneath her wings and fly us naturally. The wind was powerful today, blowing my hair in all directions. I placed a spell around my head as well as Derek’s so we could both see around us in case someone or something attacked us by surprise. But it wasn’t worth it because I couldn’t see even without my hair in my face because the sky was so cloudy. I didn’t have enough magic to clear the whole sky of clouds so I just called upon an eagle. He shrieked when he saw Destiny but flew alongside of her waiting for instruction. I entered the eagle’s small but fierce mind. Please scout ahead of us and watch for danger. Let us know if anyone or anything is coming at us. The eagle seemed reluctant to do what I asked. I tried to think of a way to win it over. I suddenly felt a pang of hunger come from deep inside the eagle’s mind and I got an idea.
I’ll feed you a rabbit head if you want. The eagle’s mind lit up like a star with happiness and within a couple minutes the eagle had eaten a rabbit head and had started scouting ahead of us.
The eagle who I named Trish was doing well so far but was super alert, warning us every time a bird came by. I appreciated her trying to be a good watch-bird but it got to be a little annoying after a while. Finally after Trish alerted us about a sparrow I told her that it didn’t matter if a common bird was coming by but only if something suspicious appeared. Trish no longer alerted us to anything and remained as quiet as a mouse. I came to realize that eagles made good companions and were very smart. The clouds in the sky seemed to brush by my face like a soft thin white blanket of water. My hair started to cling to my neck damp from the wet air around us.
We had flown a league when the sky began to clear itself of clouds. I was grateful it did because I felt like I was taking a weird shower. Derek was fidgeting in his seat behind me with nothing to do, so I handed him a piece of wood and a knife.
Carve what’s on your mind. I thought to him. He silently began carving. As Destiny flew I could hear the scrape of metal against wood.
That day we managed to camp only a league away from the edge of the Lasina Sea. I was happy with our progress we had made today. Derek hadn’t shown me his carving yet but I could already guess what he had carved, his dragon. Destiny and I made a bet on what it would be. Destiny bet her first catch that she would catch when she went hunting tonight that it wouldn’t be a carving of his dragon and I bet all the meat I would eat tonight that it would be a carving of his dragon. When Destiny landed in a clearing in the middle of an ironwood forest I jumped off and called Red fury into the clearing. I tied Red fury’s reins to a branch and undid the knots of rope holding the cargo bags to the horse’s saddle and then I hid the bags underneath some long grasses and some twigs. Destiny shook herself a bit like a dog and the crude but comfortable saddle fell off of her. I hid the saddle as well with the bags. Then I set up a bunch of protective spells around the clearing preventing anybody from seeing us by twisting and shaping the air right and also I made an air shield. I had been fed energy by a few generous ironwood trees. Ironwood trees were the second greatest energy bearing tree in that we know of. The willow is the greatest energy bearing
tree known by human-kind. I never could figure out why some trees could hold more energy than others. When I asked Derek what he wanted to eat for dinner that night, he was half asleep on the ground but he mumbled the word jellyfish. I didn’t think we could get jellyfish when we were not near the ocean. But I knew a couple fish that had the same tangy sweet taste of jellyfish meat. I knew that there were Terid fish in ponds in this forest.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's a Dragon! Ahhh! Run for you life! :)

Just like the title of this post says, I have a dragon! (don't panic, it's not going to hurt you!) :) The dragon I have is one on paper and fictional to most everybody but me. What I'm basically trying to say is that I have a lot of the story to share with you. I have written five pages but I'm only going to share with you two pages worth of writing. What I meant when saying the dragon is fictional to most everybody but me I meant that the dragon is very real to me in my heart. I am not surprised I feel that way because I should feel that way when I'm the creator of this mighty dragon named Destiny. Anyway! Enough with my rambling! It's time to get to the quote of the day and the story piece! But before we do that I want to tell anyone new to this blog that you should read the whole rest of the story before reading this and the whole story I have placed on the page called All stories and there is a link to that on the right. Just letting new people know where the story is. On to the quote and story bit!
“Freezing the water is the best way I believe. We don’t have
to freeze the entire ocean but just make a little bridge.” I concluded after a
lot of thought. “Now how were you planning to get all this magic to do this?” I asked Destiny.
“When I was in my egg my mind was connected to the minds of all other dragons that ever existed. I’ve learned one thing, three times in alifetime a Rider can give themselves to their element that they can control.This gives them power and allows them to do almost anything they want. It also allows for your maximum amount of magic you can hold to go up so you can hold
more magic after that. The old dragons told me not how to do it but that you could do it.” Then Destiny took off and went away to hunt for herself.
“Her idea is very interesting, but how did she know you could do that? I mean what did she mean when she said, my mind was connected to every other dragon that existed?” Derek spoke up.
“There are some things other people cannot explain so you must find out on your own; I believe that will happen when you get your dragon.” I replied. Derek sighed at my response but didn’t say anything or do anything but play around with pebbles on the ground, tossing and flicking them and spinning them. He seemed to try to move them in every possible way he could
think up of.
“What do you think my dragon will look like?” Derek asked after a couple minutes.

“Follow you’re instinct, for what do you think your dragon
will look like.” I replied.
“All I see when I picture the dragon is a lavender colored eye sending picture to me through the eye. It’s like we’re already connected.” Derek shivered slightly.
“Are you scared of this communication between you and the dragon?” I asked seeing his shiver.
“It’s not a bad feeling it’s just a little strange to have
someone else in my mind.” Derek explained.
“You’ll get used to it don’t worry.” I comforted him. Derek just grunted and threw a rock into the lake. I put my finger into the water and called upon a fish to bring back the pebble for me. Soon enough a fish swam up to me and opened its mouth revealing the pebble that Derek had thrown. I took it and placed a piece of bread into the fish’s mouth and it nudged my finger as
a thanks and swam away. I smiled and said to Derek as I placed the stone back in his hand. “Reward nature when it does your bidding and when it doesn’t don’t punish it because in the future it may not do what you wish. If you punish nature that time than it will no longer come to
you and you will lose complete control over that piece of nature.” I quoted my father who had said the same thing when I had kicked a tree when things had not gone my way. I thought Derek was just going to grunt again and he did but then he looked up at me with a pleading look.
“What?” I asked confused.
Derek just shook his head and looked back down. “You wouldn’t understand.”
“What would I not understand?” I asked. Derek remained silent, so I did what I normally did to get someone to say something. I sat down next to him and drew into the ground a question mark using a stick. Then I handed the stick to him. He sighed and then absently drew an eye into the
ground with such detail I almost thought it was real. When he finished his masterpiece I recognized it as a dragon’s eye. I guessed this was what he saw in his mind every day. I understood how he felt about this eye that looked so pleadingly at him. It seemed to tear him apart, just looking at this eyes that knew him and pleaded for him to come to it. It had been the same for me when I had Destiny’s callings. I had gone so mad that I had stabbed a tree log 20
times until it split apart. Then I had stabbed it some more with my paring knife. At that moment Destiny had contacted me again and had helped me to calm myself. From that moment I never let my emptions take over me so strongly. Destiny had taught how to control myself. I knew it was not my place to teach Derek this lesson so I slipped into his mind and searched for information to where exactly the dragon in the egg was. When I learned where it was I shot my mind into that direction. I passed many different minds, mostly human but every once in a while I would pass by a strange animal’s mind. Then I hit a wall in the world of minds. I knew that I had reached the Shadow Lord’s castle and his border that he had placed around his place. I looked for cracks in the wall but finding none I called to the dragon hoping it would hear me and reach out with its own mind and contact me.
Shortly I heard a voice, “Make it quick, Dragon Rider of Destiny I can’t do this for long.” The words came faintly and struggled.
“Derek, your future Rider needs your help. He needs to learn the lesson of control as I did when I was driven mad when Destiny called too. Please help him; it’s not my place to teach him the lesson. Seeing you again would be the only thing that could help him.” I said quickly.
“I can’t, I can only send him simple pictures. Please give him this image.” The dragon said and sent Sarah an image of her fully grown and fierce with claws and roaring at something outside the picture.
“Why can’t you talk to him like you’re talking to me now?” I asked.
“I am able to talk to you for one reason. His mind is not used to a dragon in his head and you are, so I have been sending him pictures to get him used to a dragon being in his mind. When he feels comfortable enough he’ll lower a barrier so then I can send him complicated images, and then when he releases the last barrier I’ll be able to talk to him. I have to go before the Shadow comes into the room and finds me as bright as a star. We in our eggs glow extra bright when communicating with someone.” Then the dragon cut off our connection.
“Hello? Earth to Sarah. Earth to Sarah. Come on dumbo, come back!” Derek yelled when my mind finally reattached to my brain. I opened my eyes to see Derek waving his hand in front of me trying to see if I would react to the light differences as his hand shaded the sun.
“Stop.” I said sternly. Then I entered his mind and made sure he felt me entering.
I talked to your dragon and it’s a she. She told me to give you this image of her in the future
when she’s fully grown. She’s just a small hatchling in her egg right now so
when she hatches she’ll only be the size of a lion. When she’s older she’ll
look like this. I thought to him and showed him the image she had given to
me mentally. He gasped when he saw her. She’s so beautiful, such a pretty color purple. Derek thought. She doesn’t mean for you to feel anxious, she just feels anxious herself. Don’t worry about her, she can handle herself. Then I thought to myself making sure Derek didn’t hear. Every day her glow will diminish because of the Shadow Lord takes her energy. She only has about 1 week left, just like the other two eggs do. I’m worried about the other two dragons in their eggs. How in the world will I be able to be the Rider for 3 at the same time? It seems impossible. The two other eggs had to be both male, because that would mean, Destiny and the other dragon
could both have possible mates. That’s one of the most important urges in a female dragon. This is way too overwhelming. If a dragon brings to a Rider an element to control what will happen then? I just sat on my rock and thought until I could not think any longer.

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to JAM

I'm answering a comment question JAM asked. The cupcake can be any type of cupcake you want. I imagine it as a chocolate cupcake with vanilla filling in the inside and vanilla icing. What kind of cupcake do you like the best? To all my other readers how's the story going for you guys? well I got to go to school now!