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to JAM

I'm answering a comment question JAM asked. The cupcake can be any type of cupcake you want. I imagine it as a chocolate cupcake with vanilla filling in the inside and vanilla icing. What kind of cupcake do you like the best? To all my other readers how's the story going for you guys? well I got to go to school now!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New story snippet

I didn’t sleep well that night with so many crickets chirping outside the boulders. I tried every method of falling asleep I could think of but none of them worked so I just decided to play my life like a movie in my head. My earliest memory was of me as a 6 year old splashing around in a shallow pond while my mother sat on a log and watched me play. I could remember her slightly tan face and her short black hair that pronounced her green eyes. My next memory rolled in. I was 8 and my father held my hand as we walked through a slightly worn path through scrubby bushes in the middle of nowhere. Finally a mound of rock appeared off in the distance. From a distance it looked like an ordinary mound of rock but as we drew closer I noticed it glowed a pretty twilight blue color. He had showed me a small entrance into the hollow mound. I crawled inside and saw glowing orb the same color the glowing light. I touched the orb and felt a living thing inside. It said one word and then blinked out, Rider. I had left the mound quickly. All my memories melded together as I grew sleepier and sleepier. I soon fell asleep for good.

That morning I went hunting for rabbits. This time I brought Derek. He needed to learn how to hunt for himself. I made him a bow and some arrows. Then I brought him into the forest. I taught him how to recognize different tracks such as deer tracks, rabbit tracks, and different types of birds. We tracked a rabbit trail toward the other side of the lake. When we reached the end of the trail we hid behind some bushes and waited for the rabbit to show itself. It quickly
did appear along with 3 other ones. I motioned for Derek to shoot only one
and would also shoot only one. I didn’t want to kill all of them because I wanted the rabbits to be able to reproduceso the the balance of the food chain in this area would not be disrupted. On
the count of three we shot our arrows. We were able to bring 2 nice rabbits and one quail bird back to camp. I cooked the bird for breakfast and preserved the other two. We were beginning to near a terrain that was sure to be full of predators so I placed a carefully made shield over Red fury to make sure no predator tried to eat him.
While we all sat next to the fire trying to warm up before traveling I talked to Derek.
“So how did you sleep?” I asked.
“Pretty good. How about you?” Derek said.
“Couldn't sleep very well with all those noisy crickets, I’m surprised they didn’t keep you up all night wishing you had some sap to stick in your ears.”
“I was so tired I could have slept through a hurricane.” Derek admitted sheepishly, grinning.
I got up right then and went into the tent and pulled out a map and went back out and sat down. I unfurled the map and laid it on the ground. I pointed at where we were and then pointed to where the Shadow place was, The fay island.
“How do we get from where we’re at across the ocean and to the Fay island?” Derek cried in dismay.
“Getting to the edge of the continent we’re on now won’t be a problem because we’re already close to the edge but crossing the ocean is going to be hard. We don’t have any money for a boat and I can’t build one. It wouldn’t be any problem if we didn’t have so much cargo and we didn’t have a horse but we’ll need the cargo and in order to bring the cargo we have to have Red fury carry it but Red fury can’t crossbthe ocean without a boat or something.”
“Can’t you use that magic you have to carry Red fury across while we fly?” Derek asked.

“I don’t have enough magic to do that and it couldn’t be possible to get enough magic to achieve that.” That’s when I got an idea. “What if I froze part of the ocean for Red fury to walk across.” I thought it was a perfect idea but then I remembered I wouldn’t have enough and could not get enough magic to achieve that.
”Don’t worry about a limitation of magic because I know how you can get a lot at one time.” Destiny thought to me.
“How?” I asked.
“You’ll see, just figure out the best solution.” Destiny replied.

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