Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Spring poem

Spring is a sense of hope
No reason to mope
For spring is the beginning of life
We hope it will all suffice
A storm here and there
And buds on trees everywhere
Trees were bare
But now have leaves to wear
Spring is a new start
Then comes summer, the next part

I have been very busy so I hope this makes up for it. I warned you this is very long. Qoute of the day...

I placed a wall of air around the camp
to protect us. Then I lied on the reed mat and fell asleep with my hand on my

I had a dream. I was running through the forest only being directed by a strange pull tugging me toward itself. I tried to resist this pull fearing I was sleep walking while I dreamed this and the Shadow Lord was the one reeling me in like a fish. That’s when I felt the connection to this thing tugging at me. It was a strong bond I couldn’t explain. I stopped and realized that this was the same dream I had when Destiny was in her egg stranded in the forest. I had felt the same heart-aching connection and feeling that I had to get her. There was a dragon in an egg doing The Calling. The Calling is a dream that all dragons in their eggs send out to the person they believe is their Rider-to-be. But this felt like two dragons doing this at the same time. Dozens of questions ran through my mind all at once. How could I be a Rider already but now have 2 more dragons calling to me? Have they mistaken me for someone else? I knew automatically that the answer to that one was a no. Were these the same dragons that the willow said belonged to me in the prophecy? Are these dragons 2 of the 3 that are stuck in eggs at the Shadow’s palace? I had no way of knowing the answers but somehow I did. Yes they were in the prophecy and yes they are 2 of the 3 in the Shadow’s place. The moment I realized this I woke up.
When I woke up I woke Destiny up and told her what had happened. She nodded; I had the same dream too. I knew that these dragons are the ones from the Shadow Palace. She calmly said. You know the willow said that one of the 3 would belong to the boy. Do you think that he had the same dream? I asked. I believe he did because right now I can hear him get up and breathe heavily as if something odd such as The Calling has happened to him. Destiny responded. At that I rushed into the tent and looked at the boy who was standing there and breathing heavily like Destiny had said.
“I know what dream you had and I’m here to explain.” I said to him. He looked at me wild-eyed not understanding how I had known. Then he pushed me out of the way and dashed out. I followed him walking knowing that he couldn’t leave the camp with my air shield intact. It didn’t just keep things out but it kept things in too. But the boy didn’t know so he ran out of the tent, toward the edge of the shore, head first into the shield and fell onto the gravel. I walked over to him and grasped his hand. Like before the second I touched him I could read his thoughts. I watched him run through the forest being tugged by an invisible force. I nodded to myself; yes he had been through The Calling. Then I spoke to him in his thoughts and told him everything. What the dream meant, the prophecy, what my powers were, everything he needed to know right at the moment. I answered all his past questions. When I was done I let him go and walked away.
I decided to go fishing that evening but I had to do it quickly so we could travel. All of us were feeling anxious to get as close as we could to the eggs that day. But I decided it would have to wait so we could at least get a decent breakfast. Destiny went hunting for herself and I made a fishing pole. I made it by first finding a a strong reed for the string part, a durable but bendable stick for the rod and a sticky piece of sap to hold the string and stick together and also to use as a bait. Some of the really big fish love sap. I put the materials together and then
went fishing.
It was hard at first to get to a deep enough area in order to get to the big fish but then I found a floating log that I sat on and directed a current to push it to the deep area. It took a while to get a bite but when I did I got a big fish. It was about 2ft by 1 foot. Soon after that I got another
bite by an even bigger fish (2ft by 2ft). Before I could even look at the fish I had caught another fish! (3ft by 2ft)I finally left before I could get another on after catching a fourth one. I preserved 3 of the fish and split the fourth one with the boy who told me his name was Derek. When breakfast was eaten and the fish preserved we started toward the direction of the Shadow Lord’s castle.
The Shadow Lord is an evil manmade of shadows. He has many creatures under his control. Trawlers (men super strong red marks on their foreheads though strong they are dumb.) He has a few Drahurts (flying creatures with sharp claws and clubbed tails.) in his army. He has many other creatures but those are the 2 main ones that he uses. We are not sure what he wants but
we think that it is power that he wants. As we traveled we killed small numbers of Trawlers so we could weaken the Shadow Lord. Destiny landed in a forest next to 4 acre prairie like area. Me and Derek jumped off and started unloading our camp stuff from her back. Derek was wandering around while I set up camp when I heard a deep guttural sound off in the distance. I put my hand on Derek’s shoulder to stop him from crunching on the grass so I could listen. The sound came again; I knew that sound that was the sound of a Trawler group nearby growling to each other. I can see them. They have about 30 in their group. I haven’t seen a wild group of Trawlers this big before. Destiny spoke to me. Yes but this isn’t a wild group of Trawlers they have armor on. They are minions of the Shadow Lord. I said back. I told the boy this and his eyes grew wide and he fainted. I woke him back up by placing a pepper plant under his nose which makes someone sneeze and wake up to the sharp smell of it. When he arose I told him to stay here behind the bush we were hiding behind. I also gave him my staff while I had a sword. I told him I would go out there and kill them. “If any of them slip past my barrier use this to fight them off while Destiny stays here too and helps.” Derek nodded. I raised my eyebrows and made him
promise not to come out no matter what. The only thing that could possibly make this situation worse is a screaming boy waving around a staff not knowing how to properly use it.
I army crawled with my sword toward a huge boulder close to the Trawler group. Then I took a deep breath and stabbed the nearest Trawler without the others noticing until he let out a cry of pain. When he cried they all looked toward him. They only saw a slit in his stomach and no word because I had quickly pulled it out and ducked back behind the boulder. The Trawler
collapsed and the others just stared. Like I said they are dumb creatures and don’t ever notice they are under attack til’ a person comes at them with a sword in their hand. At the right moment I jumped out from behind the rock and killed 3 stunned Trawlers on the spot. The whole group just stood there for a second stunned too and I used that second to slice the head off one Trawler. That’s when they came to their senses and grabbed their axes from the ground and ran at me roaring. I ducked their swings at me and whirled on the ground cutting the nearby Trawlers legs off. They fell to the ground and couldn’t get back up so I swung and sliced at the new Trawlers. I just barely had an arm cut off by a faraway Trawler who had thrown his axe badly at me and only managed to make a small cut on my upper left arm.
I was worried that the axe had had a potion on it like the one that had cut the boy but feeling nothing but blood gushing out of it I decided that this group was not high ranked enough of the Shadow Lord’s hat he did not put anything on their blades. I felt the heat of the battle against the dumb brutes. I knew that I could defeat them as long none of them grabbed me. If one of them grabbed me they could use their brute strength to break a bone. Then I would be in trouble. The whole time I had forgotten to use magic to help me. I called upon the fire on one of the Trawlers torches and threw it at the Trawlers surrounding me now. They cried as the fire scalded their skin unprotected by their armor. While they were busy roaring in pain I sliced each of their heads off. That was the end of the Trawler group.
I had survived fighting them and had only gained a small scratch. I looked through the Trawlers bags fir anything that might be of use. I found nothing but 21 fraters 3 grits and 5 slyons. Fraters, grits, and slyons are coins that we use for money. (1 frater = 1 dollar/ 1 grit = 5 dollars/ 1 slyon = 10 dollars that’s what it would be like in the real world.) The coins would be useful for buying some provisions and materials in a town somewhere. In fact the town of Tyson. We needed to get some bread, one horse and a good shirt+pants for Derek. We needed a horse because Destiny could barely lift us last time we had traveled all together. We needed to load all the supplies onto the one horse and I would ask the horse to carry all the supplies while we flew overhead. We would have to slow down to allow the horse to catch up with us because dragons are fast when flying. None of us were all too thrilled with that idea but it was that or no flying at all. If we didn’t fly that meant we had to buy 2 more horses to ride. Derek and I flying on Destiny while the horse carried our supplies would take up the same amount of time as it would to ride horses but it would cost less money to only have to buy 1 horse instead of buying 3. So we headed toward the town on foot. It didn’t take long to get there. I smeared a little mud on my face and put some ashes too so no Shadow minions would recognize me. I also smashed some blueberries and pressed it on my face. I needed as much of a
disguise as possible. Then we entered town.

Guards were at the front gate but we slipped past them. The streets were filled with dozen of wooden stands. People were standing behind the stands calling out what they were selling. “Apples want apples? I got apples!” One of the sellers called out.