Sunday, September 11, 2011

The begining!!!

Hey guys. This is my new blog. Since other people that I haven't invited can read this and get your names I'm suggesting you don't use you full names when you do this just your first name if you can help it. Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy my writing and post a lot! Make sure you put this address somewhere where you can find it again on your computer. The address for this blog is...
So copy that down somewhere. Anyway let's get to my writing! Also keep in mind my computer won't let me copy and paste the writing on here so I need to rewrite the whole thing so if I take a while posting things or I make a lot of mistakes then please excuse that. Here it goes!
Chapter #1
I took a deep breath and blew into my flute whistle. The whistle was pure platinum and embedded in it were two magic crystals. The crystals were the kind you get from a dragon when they die. The crystals might be sapphires or diamonds or just plain quartz's. It all depended on the rank of the dragon. The two crystals in the whistle were both violet sapphires. This meant the dragon's had been a little bit higher than middle rank. I blew into the whistle one more time and it produced a beautiful high pitched sound that only the dragon you were calling and the person calling could hear. All the sudden I heard the sound of heavy flapping wings. I looked up and saw what a lot people would describe as a dangerous evil flying lizard. But in my opinion the creature was an elegant and beautiful twilight blue colored dragon. My description of dragon's is diffrent from most from some people's. I think that most dragon's are smart clever, kind, and loyal. Very few dragon's are evil,and cunning. Anyway the twilight dragon landed in front of me. This "dragon's" name is Destiny. I am her Rider. Destiny stepped forward and kept nosing my pocket. saying "Treat. Treat. Treat." playfully through our minds. Rider's and drgaon's can share thoughts. "Okay. Okay." I responded. I pulled a slice of bread with dried honey spread all over it an bits of tuna scattered on top. I held it out and she gently took it from my fingers and as soon as the bread left my fingers she swallowed it whole. "Let's ride around a bit and see what we can find." I thought. She sank to the ground and looked at me with her twilight eyes. I hopped onto her back and we took off into the air.
Flying can be pretty amazing if you get to do it. It's a bit like floating water except you don't feel the rush of a wave or the tug of a current but you feel the rush of wind underneath you wings and the light weight on you back made by your ider. Flying is fun also because when you fly it eases your worries in life. It makes your mind feel free and open. no worries bother you, no angry feelings from your past, no sad memories to mourn over. Nothing at all that stops your thoughts from drifting away. I love the feel of warm air underneath your wings and I love the feeling of being free.
To be continued...
Now guys I hoped you liked that. feel free to comment on it. I hope you do. Thanks for reading Chapter one of my first story.

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