Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Backround change!

Alright I have shed the old backround and changed it for a new fresh one. If you guys like itthen please let me know. If you think it's too bright on the eyes then let me know again. Also I'm not sure if you guysare all done reading the last story update. If you are please comment on this post by pressing the commment button on thebottom part of this post box. Please now is the time to let me know what you think of this blog and what you want changed and stuff just let me know! If you have any ideas about what I should do then tell me please. Quote of the day! Actually quotes of the day! I found a couple good ones to share. The three quote are so true.


  1. it looks very bright and beautiful!
    keep it!

  2. Lizzy,
    I ***love*** that you have your own blog! Your poems are beautiful, but what else would I expect to see from such a talented person? Your background is bright and cheery =)